Keen to hack but no sitter? GovHack Melbourne is for you!

Govhack is an annual hackathon event held across Australia and New Zealand that focuses on building a better democracy through innovation, participation and the development of a strong community of civic hackers.

The organisers are always looking for ways that will make the event more accessible and foster a diverse community. One thing the Melbourne team are aiming to offer this year is on-site childcare. GovHack Melbourne will be employing professional childcare workers and paying them penalty rates, but they are unsure how much childcare to provide and at what levels.

They are currently considering offering this service with the following constraints:

  • Times: 9am-4pm on Saturday and 9am-3pm on Sunday
  • Care for children 0-2 years old will be unlikely unless there is significant demand, although are welcome to stay with their parent if there is no care provided.
  • Children 3-5/6 years old will have their own space in venue with room for 3-6 children – two carers.
  • Children 6/7-12 years old will have their own space in venue with room for 5-10 children – two carers.
  • Suitable entertainment to be provided as recommended by the childcare providers.
  • Those that aren’t participating in the full weekend event – observers, volunteers and cultural participants, are encouraged to make use of this service too.
  • GovHack Melbourne asks for your understanding that when all places are taken, they will not ask their childcare workers to stretch themselves. Depending on levels of demand, first in best dressed is probably how it will run.
  • Parents are expected to stay on-site while their child is in childcare – this is not a drop zone for your shopping expedition.

If this sounds like something you might consider taking advantage of, GovHack Melbourne would appreciate you providing some feedback about what level of service would suit your needs. They will presume that if you take the survey, you are interested in the idea of using such a service. If you have any other comments or feedback, you can contact the Melbourne GovHack team at or on Twitter @govhackmelb.

Women in Science AUSTRALIA commends GovHack Melbourne for this terrific initiative since it will encourage more parents and more women in the technology/IT sector with primary carer roles to participate. Go for it and best wishes to all involved in GovHack Melbourne!!

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