Happy 2016: WiSENet merges with Women in Science AUSTRALIA

Welcome to another exciting year for women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)! This year, Women in Science AUSTRALIA is thrilled to welcome the Women in Science Enquiry Network Inc (WiSENet) to its membership.

WiSENet was established in 1987 to increase women’s participation in the sciences and to link people in different branches of science and those working towards a more participatory and socially useful science.

At a Special General Meeting held in November 2014, the WiSENet membership favourably voted “that WiSENet merges with Women in Science AUSTRALIA under the name Women in Science AUSTRALIA.” Women in Science AUSTRALIA is an incorporated group which aims to connect women in STEM including health and medicine, across every professional sector – education, research, industry, academia and government – regardless of their profession.

The merger of WiSENet with Women in Science AUSTRALIA was finalised at the end of 2015. To ensure continuity, members of the WiSENet executive committee will serve with Women in Science AUSTRALIA. Over the next two years, key WiSENet programmes including the Diana Temple lecture at The University of Sydney and the Graduate Women Victoria bursaries will be promoted by Women in Science AUSTRALIA and the programs continued.

Women in Science AUSTRALIA is immensely excited to see this unification of two large women in STEM networks and we acknowledge and thank the WiSENet executive, past and present, for their dedicated service and representation over the past 29 years. Many women in STEM have travelled this road before us, and we value and respect their contributions, advocacy and achievements!

The executive members of Women in Science AUSTRALIA welcome all previous WiSENet members to their professional network and encourage them to register with the Women in Science AUSTRALIA here. You can also join Women in Science AUSTRALIA on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Lend your voice to driving STEM equity, diversity and leadership!

Here’s wishing all women in STEM a productive and rewarding 2016!

Marguerite Evans-Galea and Michelle Gallaher

Co-Founders, Women in Science AUSTRALIA

2 thoughts on “Happy 2016: WiSENet merges with Women in Science AUSTRALIA

  1. I was very active in Wisenet in 1988 & 19989, curating an exhibition which toured SA, NSW, VIC QLD 1989. It was called “A history for the future women in science and technology in Australia” and a great team formed to make this happen. I have photo and other research materials if anyone interested. I am now active in Australian Association for Environmental Education.

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