Women in AI get the spotlight

The Women in AI Awards is the night of nights where excellence, expertise and leadership in artificial intelligence (AI) is recognised and celebrated.

The 2022 WAI Awards Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) were hosted at The Great Hall in the National Gallery Victoria, Melbourne with VIPs, AI leaders and finalists, along with their colleagues and teams. The entire venue congratulated all of the category winners and their exceptional expertise.

Angela Kim, the Women in AI Ambassador in Australia and Education Global Head, said these awards help women up front, in the shadows, doing quiet but extraordinary work, to be recognised.

Joanna Batstone, PhD, Director of the Monash Data Futures Institute, shared three areas where we can all act to attract #womeninAI to the industry.

🔅 Mission based impact
🔅 Investment in skills
🔅 Recognise and celebrate the excellence of women in AI

The overall winner was Dr Helen Frazer, winner of the #AI in Health Category, and she said, “The award is a great honour – a recognition of the fantastic team I work with and the partners at St. Vincent’s Institute, St. Vincent’s hospital Melbourne, BreastScreen Victoria, University of Melbourne and University of Adelaide. I hope the WAI awards encourage more women to develop careers in AI.” We congratulate Dr Frazer and all of the finalists recognised.

Women in STEMM Australia’s co-founder, Michelle Gallaher, CEO of Opyl AI, was on the Judging Panel for the WAI Awards ANZ, and our co-founder & co-chair, Dr Marguerite Evans-Galea AM, Director of STEM Careers Strategy at the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, was on the WAI Awards ANZ Advisory Panel.

You can learn more about the WAI Awards ANZ here: Australia – New Zealand 2022 | Women in AI (WAI) Next year the awards will be across the Asia-Pacific (APAC).

The WAI Awards ANZ were facilitated by Jewelrock

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