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Women in STEMM Australia is a non-profit organisation founded in 2014 which has grown into a nationally and internationally recognised association for women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM).

Our core purpose is to advocate for gender equity and equality in Australia’s STEMM sectors, and support initiatives that drive change in the workplace and learning space, engage on gender equity in STEMM, whilst upholding core values such as respect and scientific excellence. Our role is to ensure women in STEMM with the capacity and capability to contribute to the innovation agenda are equally included, recognized and rewarded for their experience and expertise. Our activities welcome and aim to benefit all women in STEMM regardless of their discipline and profession.

Our philosophy is “Pay It Forward” and we uphold the core values of scientific excellence and respect for all. Women in STEMM Australia has created a diverse, inclusive network of STEMM professionals at all levels of academia, industry, education, business and government, and includes all women in STEMM regardless of their discipline and profession.

Our blog is our cornerstone feature, where STEMM though leaders at all levels share their career experiences, their views on gender equity and diversity, best practices and policies, and their experiences of the changing nature of work in the STEMM sector. Our website and social media profiles are our primary engagement platforms so we encourage you to get online.

We also regularly post profiles of Australia’s women in STEMM – students and professionals – so be sure to connect.

Increased gender equity, diversity and inclusion benefits everyone. If you identify as a woman in STEMM, or you are someone championing change in STEMM, then Women in STEMM Australia is for you. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to join – we welcome all. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and advocate increased diversity amongst women in STEMM.

Our audience is mostly women, especially those early and mid-career, who are looking for advice, role models, opinion leadership and insight. Our STEMM profiles encompass women in a wide range of STEMM professions, and have proven particularly popular with students and educators at high school and university.

We are interested in hearing career journeys, personal stories and perspectives, so you would like to contribute a blog or submit your profile, please REGISTER HERE to let us know.

Non-voting membership to Women in STEMM Australia is free – REGISTER HERE.

Together, we can do amazing things. Women in STEMM Australia welcomes everyone to join this important discussion and learn more about the phenomenal women in STEMM Down Under!

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