About Us

Women in STEMM Australia is a non-profit organisation founded in 2014 which has grown into a nationally recognised association for women in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM).

Our over-arching goal is to connect women in STEMM regardless of their discipline and profession. The momentum this has stimulated is exciting! Our website and social media profiles are our primary engagement platform and through these we connect with extraordinary people – hearing their stories, ideas and opinions, and networking like never before. Non-voting membership is free – register here – and our activities aim to benefit all women in STEMM.

Increased gender equity and diversity benefits everyone. If you identify as a woman in STEMM, or you are someone championing change in STEMM, then Women in STEMM Australia is for you. Men and women are welcome and encouraged to join – we welcome all. We adhere to the highest ethical standards and advocate increased diversity amongst women in STEMM. Our philosophy is “Pay It Forward”.

cropped-fotolia_52276821_l1.jpgOur blog aims to highlight and examine the issues, but importantly, to then extend the discussion to solutions. What can we do to address these issues as individuals, institutes and at a national or international level? How do we encourage girls to pursue STEMM? How do we retain our talented women in STEMM? How do we increase the number of women in STEMM leaders in senior positions? Articles that propose ideas are welcome. We are also interested in hearing career journeys, personal stories and perspectives, so if you are willing to share, contact us!

We also want to increase the visibility and profile of women in STEMM, so we regularly feature Australia’s remarkable women in STEMM at all stages of their various careers and professions – be sure to visit STEMM Profiles.

Together, we can do amazing things. Women in STEMM Australia welcomes everyone to join this important discussion and learn more about the phenomenal women in STEMM Down Under!

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