Board of Directors

Women in STEMM Australia is operated by a Board of Directors with three (3) co-chairs. The Board of Directors meets four (4) times each year.

The selection process for new Directors is in the final stage. More than 70 excellent applications were received – thank you to all who applied.



Dr Madhu Bhaskaran, RMIT University.Professor Madhu Bhaskaran is an Engineer and co-Group Leader at RMIT University and co-chair of Women in STEMM Australia.

LinkedIn: Madhu Bhaskaran

Twitter: @madhu_bhaskaran

Sarah Chapman cropSarah Chapman FRACI is Head of Science at Townsville State High School with the Department of Education and Training (Queensland) and co-chair of Women in STEMM Australia.

LinkedIn: Sarah Chapman

Twitter: @chapmansar


Dr Morley Muse is an Engineer and PhD researcher at Victoria University. Her expertise and background are in generating sustainable energy forms with keen interest in biofuel energy generation.

LinkedIn: Morley Muse

Twitter: @MuseMorley

Núria Saladié is a science communicator and UROP Manager in Education and Outreach at CSIRO.

LinkedIn: Núria Saladié

Twitter: @Nuria_SE @womensciaust


Breana Galea is a Bachelor of Science student at the University of Melbourne majoring in Biotechnology.

LinkedIn: Breana Galea

Twitter: @BreFearless



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