Board of Directors

Women in STEMM Australia is operated by a Board of Directors with three (3) co-chairs. The Board of Directors meets four (4) times each year.


Dr Madhu Bhaskaran, RMIT University.Professor Madhu Bhaskaran is an Engineer and co-Group Leader at RMIT University and co-chair of Women in STEMM Australia.

LinkedIn: Madhu Bhaskaran

Twitter: @madhu_bhaskaran

Sarah Chapman cropSarah Chapman FRACI is Head of Science at Townsville State High School with the Department of Education and Training (Queensland) and co-chair of Women in STEMM Australia.

LinkedIn: Sarah Chapman

Twitter: @chapmansar


Dr Morley Muse is an Engineer and entrepreneur. She is cofounder of iSTEM Co. a research, consulting and talent recruitment company that enables employment of women of colour and culturally and linguistically diverse women in Australia’s STEM organisations.

LinkedIn: Morley Muse

Twitter: @MuseMorley

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Dr Hannah Brown is a researcher-turned-leader and communicator who leads Science Strategy and Operations at the Victorian Heart Institute, in Melbourne, Australia.

LinkedIn: Hannah Brown

Twitter: @DrScienceLover

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Natalie Chapman GAICD is a STEM commercialisation and marketing expert and founder of gemaker.

LinkedIn: Natalie Chapman

Twitter: @natchap99

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Sara Goldsworthy is a senior public policy leader. After 15 years in the Australian Public Service, she moved to the online design platform, Canva, one of Australia’s fastest growing tech’ companies.

LinkedIn: Sara Goldsworthy

Twitter: @SaraGoldsworthy


Breana Galea is a Bachelor of Science student at the University of Melbourne majoring in Biotechnology.

LinkedIn: Breana Galea

Twitter: @BreFearless



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