Board of Directors

Women in STEMM Australia is operated by a Board of Directors. The two co-founders co-chair the Board. The Board of Directors meets three times each year.


Michelle Gallaher is an expert in medtech and healthcare data analytics, and CEO of Opyl and co-founder & co-chair of Women in STEMM Australia.

LinkedIn: Ms Michelle Gallaher 

Twitter: @StartupShelley @womensciaust @OpylAI


Dr Madhu Bhaskaran, RMIT University.Professor Madhu Bhaskaran is an Engineer and co-Group Leader at RMIT University. She is also the Associate Dean for Higher Degrees by Research at RMIT’s School of Engineering.

LinkedIn: Madhu Bhaskaran

Twitter: @madhu_bhaskaran

Sarah Chapman cropSarah Chapman is Head of Department at the Department of Education and Training (Queensland) and a member of Chief Executive Women.

LinkedIn: Sarah Chapman

Twitter: @chapmansar

Morley Muse is an Engineer and PhD researcher at Victoria University. Her expertise and background are in generating sustainable energy forms with keen interest in biofuel energy generation.

LinkedIn: Morley Muse

Twitter: @MuseMorley

Dr Annabella Newton, Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick.Dr Annabella Newton is a Patent & Trade Marks Attorney in Chemistry and Life Sciences with Phillips Ormonde Fitzpatrick.

LinkedIn: Annabella Newton

Twitter: @bellatronic

maia healthhack croppedDr Maia Sauren is Lead Project Manager in healthcare and data domains at ThoughtWorks, an international software consultancy.

LinkedIn: Maia Sauren

Twitter: @sauramaia

Gala Camacho is a programmer, data analyst and mathematician, passionate about education, technology, and women’s issues.

LinkedIn: Gala Camacho

Twitter: @GalaCF

Núria Saladié is a science communicator and UROP Manager in Education and Outreach at CSIRO.

LinkedIn: Núria Saladié

Twitter: @Nuria_SE @womensciaust

emmaDr Emma Burrows is a NHMRC-ARC Dementia Research Development Fellow at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.

LinkedIn: Emma Burrows

Twitter: @embws @womensciaust

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