STEMM Profile: Breana Galea | Undergraduate Student, University of Melbourne | Blog Editor, Women in STEMM Australia | Melbourne | VIC

Breana Galea, Blog Editor, Women in STEMM Australia and Science Student at The University of Melbourne [Image: MEG]
Breana Galea is a third-year Bachelor of Science student at the University of Melbourne. She is majoring in Biotechnology, specialising in Biochemistry and Genetics. With an interest and skills in coding, Breana is fascinated by the integration of biology and technology.

As someone who enjoys writing, editing and literature, Breana is combining her life-long passions of science and literature as a volunteer Blog Editor with Women in STEMM Australia and subeditor for the OmniSci science student magazine at the University of Melbourne. She has also worked as a freelance editor and proofreader at Bounce Books (now Hyphen) and is a Student Library Assistant at the University of Melbourne.

Breana is currently undertaking a 6-month research placement at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in the Gorringe Lab as an Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) student. The main focus of her project is maintaining tissue cultures – including 2D cell cultures and organoids – used in the study of mucinous ovarian cancer.

With a keen interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and coding skills, Breana recently completed a 3-month internship at CSIRO’s Data61 with Dr Michael Kuiper; this project focussed on utilising the AI program AlphaFold to predict 3D protein structures. Through Python coding, visualisation software and virtual/mixed reality, she observed predicted protein models and aided in evaluating their accuracy in the real-world. Breana has also previously undertaken an 18-month internship at the AI company Silverpond with Noon van der Silk where she learnt the fundamentals of Python, Jupyter Notebooks and neural networks.

Breana is keen to pursue a STEM career in academia or industry, and is gaining experience and advice from professionals in each sector to better inform this decision, including through mentoring programs and real-life work experience.

LinkedIn: Breana Galea

Twitter: @BreFearless